Monday, August 10, 2009

Camera Shut Down

As we completed the last shot on "A" camera, the Canon HV20 - our trusty workhorse - shut down. It would not allow me to do any of the manual overrides that I had been doing throughout the show. It simply ceased to function. We were all more than a little spooked as we wrapped the film and hoped to do a "B" camera insert as we were getting the actors cleaned up and could not shoot. Our still camera has also packed it in that day (you did not break it, Alden) and we took it as a sign that we were finishing just in time. After getting some much needed sack time, I examined the HD camera from top-to-bottom and found a switch that I had never noticed in the eight weeks we filmed (nor throughout the testing periods before). After adjusting the camera, was able to coax it back to life and all appears well. With 24 fps shooing in HD available, the Canon Vivia Models (HV20) and above now) are truly fantastic and I recommend them highly. Am thrilled my camera is back online as I already have my next film in mind for Summer 2010.

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