Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mix is almost done

The sound mix is almost over. It sounds so good. Composer David Findlay and Sound Designer Kevin Schwartz have done an outstanding job...truly incredible. Full detail in all sound effects, Roger sounds wonderful and the music.... oh, the music. DF will release an official soundtrack album for us (I am blessed) and it will go on sale first quarter in 2010. One more day to go plus playback and I am off to color correction on the 27th with Post Production guru David Ransley. DR is my guy - the man who masterminded "Robocop: Prime Directives" back in the day and here we are - ten years later - working together again on my best work since Robo. The airwaves may be filled right now with my damn Xmas movies ("Crazy For Christmas", "A Dad For Christmas" and "Christmas In Boston" - aka 'Pen Pals or 'Instant Message')... but this is the Christmas I remember that THE DEFILED came to life.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Long Time No Updates

Been swamped with school and prepping another film as Post Sound continues on THE DEFILED. Am back in Canada for Xmas from Dec. 21 - 28 where we will mix the picture and have it read for a sneak preview in January 2010. Right now I'm working on the festival and marketing strategy (87 film festivals identified) and getting all of our ducks in a row. I'm using Without A Box (http://www.withoutabox.com) to submit materials to a number of festivals and just clearing up paperwork in anticipation of the film's release. There's lots of paper that accompanies a film's screening - press kits, posters, ads and write-ups not to mention interviews and critical papers. I'm working with a number of my colleagues at CCC to provide full documentation of the film from a critical perspective and will conduct a sit-down interview to discuss what the film is really about. All of that good stuff will be then be posted here in early February, 2010.
We'll spend about 2 years promoting the film to festivals as prestigious as Cannes, Sitges, Berlin, Edinburgh, South By Southwest, Fantasia and many, many more and making digital downloads and hard copies available through ITunes worldwide and on Netflicks. So, promoting (and selling) the film is a lot of work too! Already have small distributors circling the project asking for screening copies and have a list of genre celebrities (Clive Barker, Rob Zombie, George Romero) I will be sending a copy to for their comments and endorsement. A big celebrity blurb can go a long way!!! I have fifty film blogs and reviewers lined up to receive copies and the Horror Writer's of America membership for soliciting as well. I will send out a total of 200 DVDs including cast, crew and the above mentioned celebs, press and festivals, before we even get going!! Keep watching this space for fast breaking news and I promise to update in a more timely manner from Canada. HAppy Holidays everyone!