Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post Production Update

Composer David Findlay and I are starting to chat about original score and our needs. Am 100 minutes in and the end is in sight. Will complete my rough cut by Next Sunday and begin the tweaking process. Have 1 hr. of baby inserts to cull through and assorted fine edits to make. Oct. 31st is the Producer's Screening and reels will be sent out to the sound editors in Canada as they are locked. All is going gangbusters!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Feeding the baby

At Wm Powers Park, Kathleen Lawlor (Janice) must fed Roger for the first time. As the film evolves and I look at running time, this is a moment that may find its way to DVD Extra Land (we shall see). My producers will be a good sounding board and give me some solid advice.

Back to CCC

Am over the 80 minutes mark now and have to return to teaching. Am responsible for the D2 Directing Class showing students how to work with actors and camera - and a new course on VFX Supervision. I'll keep to my schedule of a rough cut for my producers by October 31st and continue to look at Xmas or sooner for the fine cut.