Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Check out our first trailer: The Defiled - Trailer

Check out this video: The Defiled - Trailer

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  1. Hi Julian,

    It is with great pleasure that I can inform you of the fact that THE DEFILED has been selected by our programming committee to participate in the main program of the IMAGINE: 26th Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival, which will run from April 14 - 24th 2010.

    There's no entry fee of any kind. The festival will cover transport and insurance of the film print both ways (unless the print is coming from another festival, then we simply return it home). If THE DEFILED is not available on 35 mm, digibeta is our preferred format for video screening.

    If you accept, we'll send you an entryform. You can check out more on our festival here: The English version is stripped down somewhat compared to the Dutch version. In the Dutch version you can view the sites of past editions of our festival, during which we have welcomed guests like Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, Roger Corman, Ray Harryhausen, Wes Craven, Paul Verhoeven and Dario Argento.

    Thanks again for your cooperation. I look forward to hearing form you soon.

    Best regards,

    Roel Haanen

    Festival programmer

    IMAGINE: 26th Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival
    14-24 april 2010 | Kriterion

    Timorplein 52
    1094 CC Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
    office phone +31 20 679 4875

    Affiliated member of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation:


Thank you for your interest in "The Defiled."