Friday, May 22, 2009

"The Road" vs. "The Defiled"

I have watched the HORRIBLE trailer from Dimension (a division of Mirimax) and observed the following:

1. They are in color with obvious CG and a talky-action driven plot. Charlize Theron dies a 1/3 of the way through and I'm not impressed with the work on the trailer at all. It's a color, end-of-the-world action film at first blush and it seems contrived as hell.

2. We are B/W, non verbal, wide-screen and full of poetical allegories that they do not cover. Our relationship is closer to the works of Jodorowsky, Lynch and the work of European art cinema. We have one line of dialogue in the entire film and atonal and non-traditional music throughout.

We are not a MOVIE. We are a FILM.

We are a story complete with moments of grotesque beauty and savage love that the studios dare not touch. Until Derek wrote to me today, I knew nothing of this project.

In short, they ain't got nothing on us.


PS - It freaked me out for a half-hour or so though when I heard about it. I tried reading "Blood Meridian" by the same author and couldn't make heads nor tails of it. Maybe I'm too dumb? Oprah named the book one of her picks in 2008 and it won a friggin' Pulitzer - and yet, I knew nothing of this book. I am stating it publicly now so it can NEVER come into question.

As "The Road" is a ecological-shocker and we are a bio-shocker and keeping the infection a mystery, I believe we are in a darker place that this release from Dimension. It comes out in October - I will be deep in editing at that point - and I can do is pray that the film gods keep us in their good graces. They have so far.

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